What are the benefits of teeth whitening?

Imagine a world where you could consume an unlimited amount of coffee, red wine and soft drink without it staining your teeth…
Unfortunately in this world, regular consumption of these can lead to one super yellow set of teeth!
But don’t fret! We can help you achieve that dream smile even if you enjoy your daily skim cappuccino (or two).
We have a simple solution for you—our mobile teeth whitening service!
So what are the main benefits of teeth whitening?
1. Having whiter teeth is a serious confidence booster!
Have you ever felt self-conscious about having less than pearly white teeth? Do you smile without showing your teeth? Do you avoid having your photo taken?
Those days are OVER. With whiter teeth you will be smiling from ear to ear and flashing that grin every chance you get.
With our teeth whitening treatments, you can achieve up to 15 shades whiter and brighter after just one session!
2.  It’s a super fast, easy way to freshen up your look and take years off!
Firstly, we come to you. Forget those inconvenient (scary!) dentist appointments. We have a super flexible booking system which means you can squeeze in a treatment with us before or after work, or even at your office!
Secondly, having whiter teeth can make you look more vibrant and youthful. Other cosmetic treatments like botox are far more painful and expensive. Needles? Arghh! No thanks.
Thirdly, whitening your teeth may be a far easier way to achieve that Hollywood smile than opting for crowns and veneers. Not to mention, these procedures cost a bomb….more than avocado toast in Sydney!
Lastly, a whiter smile can be yours in just 60 mins. That’s all.
3. You can keep your smile glowing and glowing all year!
We recommend that you book in for a top up treatment with us 2-3 months after your first treatment. After that, you probably won’t need another top up for 6-12 months! Talk about easy.